Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Indoor Snowmen

Too cold to go outside to make snowmen? Maybe your people think snowman making is for kids. Then again, maybe you can show them it's for them too.

Here is an idea from one of the facilities I worked at. I wasn't there at the time they did this, but I was told about it and it sounded like loads of fun. Maybe some of you have done this at your facilities. If you have, be sure to share your experiences with the rest of us.

What you have to do first is to assemble all the items you will need for this activity because once it gets started, time is going to be precious. You will need:

doll hats
doll hair
doll jewelry
doll clothing accessories
fake eyes,
fake lips
little stones
little broomsticks like the ones you find in harvest decorations
and just about anything else you can think of in miniature
flat lunch trays--enough for each resident
wash basins--enough for each resident
gloves or mittens--enough for each resident

Once you have assembled the supplies and the residents, put on a little wintertime music while you go outside and fill up the wash basins with snow and bring it in for each resident to begin building their own snowman. They will build their snowmen on their lunch tray so everything else stays dry. After they build their snowmen, it is time to decorate them. Of course they can decorate in any way they want to. Be sure to take photos of each resident with their snowman when it is finished. You could even have a contest judged by the other residents and/or staff when they are all done. Hang pictures on the bulletin boards, or at their doorways, or whereever when the activity is finished.

Maybe you will still have a chance to do this before this winter is over. If not, keep the idea for next winter.

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