Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reminiscing Questions: SNOW

Below are some questions you may use anytime you want to for your winter reminiscing activities. When you are doing these, and other reminiscing activities, think about tape recording the responses and adding these to a continuing taped journal for each resident that can be saved and passed on to family members when it is completed...with the resident's permission, of course.

What is your earliest childhood memory about snow?

How did snow effect your regular routine?

How did you bundle up to go out to play in the snow? How has that changed over the years?

What kinds of snow games did you play when you were a child?

How did you get to and from school? From work?

What songs do you remember that were about snow?

Did you ever make paper snowflakes in school?

Did you have a sled? If so, where did you get it and what was it like?

Have you ever ridden in a horse-drawn sleigh?

How was your home heated in the winter?

Do you remember any stories your parents or grandparents told you about winters when they were young?

Do you remember any big blizzards when you were young? What happened?

Describe some scenes from the deepest snow you can remember.

Describe some of the snowmen you have built when you were a child.

Do you have any other interesting stories about snow or winter when you were young?

Do you remember taking your children outside to play in the snow when they were young?

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