Saturday, March 8, 2008

Scrapbooking For Seniors

Along with reminiscing activities and other activities that get seniors talking about their lives, this is the perfect time to get them interested in scrapbooking. Not only is this an idea that they can work on to have something special to do, it can also be something they can do with their family. This activity can be something that is an ongoing project that they work on in their own time by themselves, or when their friends and family are visiting. Each person visiting can contribute something to the scrapbook. Grandchildren can be especially helpful and encouraging when it comes to putting the scrapbook pages together.

Finding ways to fund the supplies can be a challenge, and we will discuss fund raising activities in the near future.

One possible way to kick this activity off is to have the big event first meeting. This activity would be best pulled off if done by invitation to family members to come and join, and to bring some ideas with them. Serve refreshments, maybe even have someone who scrapbooks well come and do a short demonstration. Provide basic initial materials so residents can get started.

One way to keep material costs down is to have the basic cutters, trimmers, and other equipment kept in the activity room rather than having each resident be able to own their own. Leave that up to family members if they wish to have their loved one have their own equipment. Make sure there is a place where residents can come and work on their scrapbooks at their leisure, but with some supervision as needed.

Once or twice a month have a follow up activity where everyone brings their scrapbooks to show and tell what they have done up to that point. During this activity, residents can share ideas just like any other scrapbooking group does. When a scrapbook is completed, make sure the resident is recognized for finishing it and offer them the chance to start another one if they would like to.

This is a good activity to keep residents motivated and participating. It is also something that can encourage intergenerational contact.

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