Sunday, March 2, 2008


Are you an Activity Director in the medical field? This is the place for you to come and share ideas with each other. This is the place to come and get hints and tips for making the fun parts of your job more fun, and maybe for making those necessary not-so-fun parts more tolerable. Grab your favorite beverage, pull up a chair, put your feet up and relax awhile. Do comment on posts here. Do include your own ideas as you think of them. We will cover all areas of the job including the usual things like the calendar, facility newsletters, volunteers, dealing with family members, dealing with management, state surveys, documentation, certification, classes and seminars, and anything else you can think of that has to do with being a happy and successful Activity Director wherever you work.
In this blog we will talk about old and new craft ideas, which companies are the best for ordering supplies, how to motivate residents to participate, ways to perk up your calendar of events, and much more. We can talk about how to keep ourselves from burning out. When I took my class, the instructor said normal burnout rate was about every 2 years for the average Activity Director. Why does this happen in a job where we get paid to play? Well, isn't that what most people think we are doing? Yes we do play, but we work hard, and we have to know what we are doing so we don't get outside of the state and federal regulations. And we have to deal with the medical staff who see the residents from a totally different perspective than we do. We have to spend much time convincing them that these people can do much more than they are given credit for. And we often have to convince the residents of this as well. But the rewards are tremendous. The smiling faces of the residents and those of the family as well can make our day. So, let's talk it all over. This is the place to share your feelings and thoughts and opinions about all things having to do with being an Activity Director in the medical field.

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