Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mother's Day Is Coming

In addition to National Nursing Home Week, Activity Directors have Mother's Day to plan for. It is a busy week, that is for sure. Today I just want to share some of the Mother's Day ideas and activities I have been involved with in the facilities where I worked.

The most memorable Mother's Day activities I can think of right now was the Mother/Daughter "Tea" with entertainment we held annually for all the ladies of the facilities. The funny thing about it was how so many of the men would try to sneak inside the door to get to be part of the party. The entertainment and the layout of the facility was such that anyone just about anywhere in the main social areas could hear the music. But the men just loved trying to work their way into the crowd. Just like teenagers. Of course when Father's Day came around, the ladies were content to just sit around in the social areas and listen. None of them tried to sneak in.

I enjoy doing fund raisers. This same facility my entire budget depended on fundraising, which thankfully included a good chunk from United Way. When Mother's Day came around I had ordered a bunch of cute coffee mugs and mylar balloons from places like Oriental Trading. I made decorative candy and coffee mug balloon bouquets for resident families or staff members to order for mother's day gifts. They made a lot of good money for the activity fund.

This blog is supposed to be more for relaxing than for work. The majority of Activity Directors in long term care facilities seem to be women. What kinds of ways do you celebrate Mother's Day in your families? What would you like to be able to do for your mother or grandmother? Or, are you a mother or grandmother who will be center stage on that special day? What have been your most memorable Mother's Days? I hope with all the busy-ness of these next few weeks as you prepare for National Nursing Home Week, that you find ways to take some time out for yourself to relax and enjoy a little time to yourself. And don't forget to have some fun.

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