Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Idea

These two pictures show something I did at one of the facilities where I worked to brighten up an area where the residents sat visiting before meals. The flowers are the artificial ones you can get at WalMart. The fencing is actual yard fencing you would use in your own real flower gardens...also bought at WalMart. It was a challenge to get the fencing and flowers to stay in place. First I stapled the flowers to the wall at the bottom, also using some packaging tape where necessary. Then to get the fencing to stay in place I used flower bulletin board boarder woven in and out of the fence stakes and stapling the border to the wall. The one corner closest to the dining room entrance kept falling down, and every morning while it was in place, I would have to re-staple in places where it had come loose overnight. But the residents loved the bright colorful flowers and it gave them all the feeling of being outside on their front porch. If I remember correctly, the rainbow was made from tissue paper. If you have an area where something like this might work, maybe you could incorporate it into your National Nursing Home Week Celebration.

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